Jennifer August is the author of romance novels ranging from the battle-worn, crumbling castles of the medieval period to sweat-drenched, shirtless cowboy menages. She blames her insatiable love for history on growing up in Germany and France thanks to her career Army dad and French mother. Her love of cowboys – sans shirts, of course – stems from common sense. Who doesn’t love a shirtless cowboy? It might also have something to do with being born a Texan.

Besides history and sex, magical elements tend to creep into her stories, as well. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t write a book where something slipped in to cast a spell in some way. Having become accustomed to the (character) voices rattling around her head, she decided not to question the insistence of the magic. After all, why taunt fate – she saw what happened to Fiona from Enthralled (Sexual Magic, book 1) when she decided to thumb her nose at them.

Jennifer lives in Texas with her husband, 2 kids, and a plethora of animals, furred and finned.